First Two Fairelle on Sale One Week Only!

Hey Everyone! It’s been a while, both on my blog as well as on my newsletter and I feel like I’ve abandoned you 🙁 I am sorry to those of you that have waited for my next book! I’ve had so much going on! Between writing screenplays and turning a few of my book series into TV series to my son’s auditions, to having to move and all of my conventions in between! WHEW! I have been so busy! And because of that I’ve not posted as much as I’d like. So I decided to make it up to you I’d do a sale!!

The first book in my Fairelle series Red the Were Hunter is FREE for one week! 

What if you were the key to an ancient prophecy that would begin to heal your lands, but fulfilling your destiny meant you had to turn your back on everything you’d been taught to believe in?

Redlynn of Volkzene, a member of the Sisterhood of Red, is heartbroken to discover another girl kidnapped and her best friend slain by werewolves. Defying the head of her order, she sets out to kill the beast she believes responsible.  The King of the Weres– But there are worse things in WolvenglenForest than the wolves.

Adrian, reluctant heir to the throne of Wolvenglen, and his band of wolf brothers are bound to protect the humans; especially the Sisterhood. Finding Redlynn unconscious in his woods, awakens in him a passion he’s never before experienced and a protective instinct that has him ready to turn on his own men. Problem is, a female is the last thing Adrian needs complicating his life.

But all is not as it seems in Wolvenglen Forest and to save the missing girls before time runs out, Redlynn and Adrian must move past their inner demons and learn to trust each other. In the search for vengeance, however, sometimes you have to sacrifice what you desire most.



And the second book Snow the Vampire Slayer is ONLY .99 for one week!

Lady Snow Gwyn is tired of playing “mother” to her seven Vampire Slaying brothers. For the past two years, she’s yearned to be out there fighting at their side as they hunt for bloodsuckers in the black of night. Snow is as good a fighter as any man, but she wasn’t called to be a Slayer. A mere formality in her book.

Prince Sageren, Son of Lothar has spent the last fifty years in exile, awaiting the day when he can finally avenge his family and take back his throne. Barely existing, he’s forced to face his inner demons and the monster he once was, compelling him to vow to never drink from humans again. A simple enough task–until he crosses paths with a human who makes his fangs ache to drain her.

When Snow runs into Prince Sage on a late night trip to the woods, she’s torn between the urge to kill him and the desire to succumb to the feeling he stirs within her. And when Snow’s life is threatened by the same evil that murdered his family, Prince Sage must enlist the aid of Snow’s brothers to not only help him save her life, but to also regain his rightful place as King of the Vampires.

If Sage can keep the Slayers from killing him first.

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I hope you all enjoy the books! And if you do remember to leave a review on your favorite retailer!! Have a great weekend and be sure to share the links on your social media and your friends!

Rebekah R. Ganiere – Books with a Bite

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New Covers for Fairelle

I’ve been contemplating changing the Fairelle covers for some time but the fear of the unknown has kept me from doing it. Until now. In an effort to preserve the original ideas and feel while still making them more dynamic, I came up with these new covers for the series. I am happy with how they came out and feel they give the books a much needed facelift that belies the fantasy and yet romantic nature of the books.


The Books are Fantasy Romance – Fairytale Retellings. You can learn more about them on their individual pages and they are for sale on all major online retailers. I hope you enjoy them and their new covers as much as I do.

Yanti’s Choice – Free Fairelle Short Story

Hello Everyone! For those of you who have read my Fairelle series you may not know it but there is a new short story available for free on Amazon called Yanti’s Choice. It is a short story about Yanti from the Red the Were Hunter book.



Yanti’s Choice – A Fairelle Short Story
Since she turned eighteen Yanti has been the highest sought after mate for every eligible male in Wolvenglen. But in their society it’s not the male who chooses the mate.

Yanti has always wanted Roal; the one wolf that hasn’t shown any interest in her as anything more than a friend. Disappointed Yanti refuses to give up on him. But dashing handsome Lash has her in his sights and won’t give up until he has her.

Roal knows that Yanti is more than special and deserves only the best male in Wolvenglen. But Roal feels more comfortable with his books than actually telling her of his feeling.

And when it looks like Yanti has chosen another male as her mate, Roal makes a decision that could cost both of them a happily ever after.

This is a short story in the Fairelle World. It also contains the first chapter of Red the Were Hunter and Snow The Vampire Slayer. Books One and Two of the Fairelle Series.



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Release Day for Zelle and the Tower – Fairelle Book Three

Zelle and the Tower

Rebekah R. Ganiere

Released and is .99 for just a few more hours!



Blurb: Sweet and naïve Rapunzelle possesses a dangerous and powerful magick. Her entire life has been spent in a mage tower built by her father, to keep her safe. Or so she’s been told.

Flint Gwyn has spent the better part of the last year wandering Fairelle, wanting nothing more than to wash away the pain of letting his family down. Between drinking and womanizing he plummets in to despair, with only Dax the werebear to keep him from getting himself killed.

When Flint and Dax stumble into Zelle’s tower while running from a dragon, she finds herself drawn to him in a way that awakens startling memories she cannot place. And the longer he stays, the closer she comes to losing her heart.

Unable to control his feelings for the lonely maiden who brings him peace for the first time in his life, Flint fights to release her from her prison. But in doing so, he may very well bring down the wrath of an evil that’s plagued Fairelle for a hundred years.

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“You know that normal is only a fairy tale, right?” he asked.
Zelle inched closer to him. Her willowy form barely reached his shoulder. Her hands were delicate, shoulders slim, her neck long and slender. Every part of her looked like a fragile doll. Except the presence that wafted off of her. The confidence she exuded combated that appearance. Every inch of her exuded sensuality.
Her hand snaked out and splayed against his chest. “You won’t hurt me.”
“No, I won’t.” From the glow of her purple eyes, he knew there was a reason she stayed in her tower. Power was the only word he could think of. Power and magick.
He ran a shaky hand through her long soft tresses and pushed the hair over her shoulder revealing more of her throat. Her perfectly full, peachy lips waited for him, just inches away. His erection stirred at the thought of kissing her again.
She stepped into him, pressing against his body. Her supple breasts smashed into his torso and her hips found purchase between his own. The contact was like a lantern switching on inside him. Every part of him woke up and paid attention.
“Kiss me again.”
He should be chivalrous and do the right thing. Leave the sweet creature be, and not poison her with his anger and pain. But the pounding in his ribcage, and the feelings she aroused in him, were like no other. Never before had he wanted to be with a woman so badly. And never before had one held so much sway over his person.
He wondered for a moment if she had bewitched him, before pressing his lips to hers and tasting her sweet fragrance. He lifted her from the ground, pinning her against the wall with his knees between her thighs. Her soft frame molded into his as she tangled her fingers in his hair. Their tongues swirled together in a soft dance of desire and he fought to keep from ripping her dress from her.
His body responded of its own accord, his need growing with each passing moment. She reached down to the hem of his tunic and lifted it, running her fingers underneath. He’d never let someone touch his scars before. Never even let people see them before besides his family.

The women he’d been with, he’d forced to face the wall till he was done.
The desire to take Zelle down to her plush bed and make love to her flooded him. He slowed his kisses, his brain screaming that this was wrong. He didn’t deserve this. She pushed her hands higher, raising his tunic to his shoulder. She traced a scar with her mouth, kissing his skin.
Flint swallowed a lump in his throat and moaned. Her fingers twined in the dark curls of his chest hair. Moving over to his nipple, she flicked out her tongue and licked around it. He slammed his hands into the wall on either side of her, and pulled away, trying to control himself. She slid down a couple of inches and   worked her way across his chest with her mouth and fingers, bringing him torturous pleasure.
He had no doubt she knew what she was doing, but the thought that she had done this before wasn’t something he could comprehend. She’d said he was the first who had ever gotten into her tower before. Had that been a lie? Pulling away from her was the hardest thing he’d ever done.
“What is it?” She looked up at him.
“Did I do something to upset you?”
“No. You’re wonderful. I just…” He swallowed hard. This wasn’t good. He’d known her less than a week and already he had feelings for her. Feelings he hadn’t planned on. Feelings he didn’t know what to do about.




Character Blog Hop

Character Blog Hop:

I’ve been tagged by the awesome Kady Winter for the Character Blog Hop!

Last week, Kady shared her loving yet stubborn character, Abby Stafford, from her award winning manuscript, “Run.”

Let’s get started with today’s featured character, Jamen Gwyn from my soon to be released novel, Jamen’s Yuletide Bride. This book is the first Gwyn Brothers Novella in my Award Winning Fairelle Series.


Who is Jamen?

Jamen Gwyn is the fourth brother in the Gwyn family that Lords over Westfall, Fairelle. Jamen is a broken Vampire Slayer who wants nothing more than to drink and forget his past.

Where does Jamen’s Yuletide Bride take place?

It takes place in Fairelle. The fantasy world where all of the book in the series take place. Fairelle is a Medievalish world with many surprises.

What won’t Jamen talk about?

The night that he found out he was going to become a Vampire Slayer and he had to break of his engagement to Scarlet, the love of his life.

Jamen’s Goal:
To finally find peace and to look forward to the future now that his Vampire Slaying is almost over.

The Problem:

Scarlet is marrying another and he finds he cannot move on becuase she’s the only one he wants. And when her life is in danger he can’t leave her


Three years ago, young Lord Jamen Gwyn’s life was turned upside down when a mysterious woman showed up at Gwyn Manor and told him and his six brothers that they were destined to be Vampire Slayers. Afraid for the safety of his fiancé Scarlet, he broke off their engagement, tearing both of their hearts to pieces.

Scarlet Mason’s reputation and life was ruined by the actions of Jamen Gwyn. She has spent years working tirelessly with the help of her aunt, Lady Eliza, to rebuild who she is. Now engaged to the son of a wealthy merchant, Scarlet should be happy with her new life, but one thing is missing. The man she’s loved since she was a girl; Jamen.

When Jamen arrives at the celebration Scarlet’s world is once again upended as she must choose between her duty to her Aunt and following her heart. But the decision isn’t that simple. In his family’s absence, someone has put into motion a plot not only to take over Westfall for themselves, but to get rid of the Gwyn Lords for good. And once again Jamen finds keeping Scarlet safe, takes precedence over his own desires for happiness.


Scarlet’s heart beat so fast, she thought she might pass out. How could he be here? She’d expected Erik, or Flint, possibly Gerall, but not Jamen. Never Jamen. He hated parties.

She tried to gather her wits about her, but his beautiful chocolate eyes were all that she could see. Though they were the same deep pools she’d loved since she was a girl, they’d changed. Hardened and rimmed with shadows, they seemed ages older than the last time she’d seen him.

His jaw sported stubble, but it was ruggedly handsome on him. He’d gained a small scar on his neck, that hadn’t been there before. Her fingers twitched to touch him.

“Would you like to dance with her?” Edward asked.

“Excuse me?” Scarlet’s gaze whipped up to meet her would be husband’s.

“A dance, my love. Why don’t you dance with Lord Gwyn. Then perhaps we might be able to entice him to actually stay for the feast.” Edward smiled at her.

“That’s quite all right,” said Jamen. His eyes flicked between her and Edward. “I don’t need to—”

“I insist,” said Edward. “You are Lord over these lands and it is your right to dance with the bride to be.”

Scarlet silently pleading with Jamen to say no.

“Very well,” he said. “But I apologize in advance, my Lady. I’m afraid my dancing skills are a bit rusty.”

“Well then it’s time you brush up,” said Edward. “Lady Scarlet is a wonderful dancer.”

Scarlet’s throat felt like she’d eaten ashes from the fireplace. Jamen held his hand out to her. She scanned for Aunt Liza, but couldn’t locate her. Liza hadn’t prepared her for such a scenario. What was she to do?

Liza’s voice sounded in her head, calming her. “Play the game girl. Remember who you are and what you represent.

Scarlet beamed up at Edward. “Of course darling. If I can teach you to dance I’m sure I can teach anyone.”

Edward laughed and kissed her forehead.

She trembled as she slipped her fingers into Jamen’s. His grip was tender but his hand were rough. Not soft like they had been when he’d touched her years before.

Her mind whirled in disbelief as he led her through the crowd and out onto the dance floor. She stood stiff as a board and waited for him to make a move. He stared at her. His eyes drinking her in, long and slow. She cursed her suddenly wobbly knees.

All around people whispered.

“Do something,” she hissed through clenched teeth and then smiled.

Jamen blinked rapidly and then cleared his throat. He stepped up to her and the smell of his soap hit her. His arm slipped around the small of her back and his fingers splayed there; drawing her close. Her body tingled and heated at his touch. Damn him for getting a response out of her still.

She stretched out her arm and his fingers closed around hers. He never broke eye contact as he stepped forward and she in turn stepped back.

Their bodies pressed together and moved in perfect unison. The rest of the world blurred and all she could see was him. Her gut clenched at all the things she wanted to say. But she suddenly couldn’t remember any of them.

He stared into her eyes and for once she was speechless.

Jamen’s Yuletide Bride can be pre-ordered on Amazon!



So next week you are in for a treat from Debut Author Alice Langdon and her amazing Historical Romance Trusting Desire! So stay tuned!

Cover Reveal for Snow The Vampire Slayer!

Snow CR Giveaway (blue)So I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the cover of Snow The Vampire Slayer, the second book in my Farielle series, being released September 22. So here it is! Along with a Giveaway!



Sage, the deposed vampire prince of Tanah Darah helped Queen Redlynn and King Adrian drive the vampires out of Wolvenglen Forest, but that was the least of his worries. After being injured in a battle, he comes face to face with his worst fear. A beautiful human who makes him lust to break his vows and tests his determination to not take her as his mate.

Lady Snow Gwyn is tired of staying at home to take care of her seven vampire slaying brothers, instead of hunting for bloodsuckers with them. But on a lone late night excursion, when she runs into Sage, she’s torn between the need to kill him and the desire to give into the feelings that he stirs within her.

During their late night romps in the woods, a pair of hungry vampires stumbles upon them and Sage becomes more afraid than ever that his uncle Philos, pretender to the crown, will stomp out any chance of happiness with Snow. And when the unthinkable happens, Sage must enlist the aid of Snow’s brothers to help him regain his rightful place as King of Tanah Darah and finally exact his revenge.

If only he can keep them from killing him first.



Giveaway! Come check out the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the first book in my Fairelle Series:

Red The Were Hunter – The extended edition, not yet released!

Snow CR Giveaway (blue)


Me, Me, Me Monday!

Hey everyone! Welcome again to Me, Me, Me Monday. I want to start by telling you how excited I am. Red the Were Hunter, which is the first book in my Fairelle Series has finalled in another contest. I found out yesterday.

I am super excited because this is the second contest it has placed in and this it the first book that I am self publishing. It is being released on May 1st.

So, to talk a bit about where I left off last week, I got lots of great advice from other amazing Self Publishers. And one of the best pieces of advice is do first things first. Write the book. Well, I’m assuming that most people are there or almost there. The next is, don’t just put it up there. You need to edit it, and edit it, and edit it and you need to then have someone else edit it. You need critique partners, good ones, beta readers, and then when you’re done with that, you need to hire a freelance editor to look at it. YES, YOU DO! You make think you don’t but you do.

There are lots of great freelancers who aren’t outrageously priced that are excited to work with indie writers. You may not agree with everything they say, that’s your prerogative, seeing is how it’s your book, but you do need other sets of eyes on your book that don’t know everything you know.

So the first piece of advice that I got was, get a freelance editor. In the same vein, also get a proofreader. I have one I love, but if you can’t afford one, get a critique partner who is really good with proofreading to look it over at minimum.

So there is my first piece of advice for self publishing. Next week we’ll talk a little about should you, or should you not, start your own publishing company. Have a great week!


Snow The Vampire Slayer

I have been a busy girl this last month or so.  Every since I came back from the National RT Convention I have been go, go, go with writing, plotting, editing, and submitting.  I have enjoyed it, hated, it, dreaded it, dragged my brain to do it and then been sparked by something cool and raced to do it with the glee of a child with a brand new toy.

It has been a most interesting experience.  In this journey over the past few months.  I have plotted out 10 new books.   9 of them are in my Fairelle Series and 1 is the first in my Wolves of Sparta Series.

I was able to finish and edit Red The Were Hunter, and start submitting it.  Along with finishing a first draft of Snow The Vampire Slayer.  Both of which have been a lot of fun and now have my brain waded out deep into the waters of Fairy Tale Land.  It is cool to be building the terrain and world of Fairelle.  Unlike the fairytales of old, my lands are not all sunny skies and green grass.  Some of it is, but there are enough dark places as well, that I find much more fun to write about.

Today I am off to plot out the second half of my book Angels and Demons, and to continue to edit Snow.  Then I will dash down to my office, where I will sew three more dresses for my daughters and a vest for my son, and on Wednesday we will drive down to Comic Con for a bunch of geeky fun.

I am excited to have a bit of a family vacation with my husband and kids and go down and see Comic Con for the first time and possibly LEGOLAND.  Which my kids are crazy about going to.  It will be nice to let my brain relax for a few days before coming back and hitting my books again.

Until then, all of my vampires, werewolves, zombies, succubae, dragons, prince and princesses, witches, wizards and fae, will have to hang out and shout at me in my head, until I can get their stories down on the page.  Sorry guys.  Mommy needs a break!