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Dead Awakenings

 Dead Awakenings

Fairelle Series

RedCover5.2.2016 YantisChoice Snow5.5.2016 Jamen5.5.2016   Zelle5.7.2016 Cinder5.10.2016


 Otherworlder Series

Saving Christmas Cupid's Curse

The Society Series

ReignoftheVampires RiseoftheFae VengeanceoftheDemons

Living Death Series

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Shifter Rising

Promised at the Moon CursedFinal4



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Belle and the Beast (Fairelle Book Five)

Gerall’s Festivus Bride ( Fairelle Book Four and a half)

Haunted Halloween (Otherworlder Book Three)

Untitled Steampunk

Untitled Carnivale

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  1. I bought 3 of your books from the Fairelle series at wonder con and absolutely love them, I have on order Zelle and the Tower and cant wait to read it, but… I cant seam to find anywhere Gerall’s Bride that was due for release July 2015. I was wondering whats happening cause I cant find any info on this next title anywhere. Any info would be great. I cant wait for the rest of the series.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Christi! Thank you so much for reaching out. Gerall’s book has not been released yet. I had two other series take precedence and I haven’t been able to release it. That’s the bad new. The good news is the next 2 books in the Fairelle series will be out before the end of January. Both the next Gwyn brothers novella and Cinder the Fae. Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to reach out again or find me on Facebook if you have any more questions!

  2. I bought your Fairelle stores at long beach comic con and I’m absolutely loving them! I haven’t been able to put them down in my free time. I have them with me wherever I go and can’t wait to read more of them in the future. Thank you

  3. I didn’t received my book Kissed by the Reaper. Don’t know what happen.

  4. Do you know when you will follow up on the Society series? I am done andNEED more!

    • Hi! I have the 3 books out and as of right now that’s all I’ve planned on for the series. I have a couple of short story ideas for it or novella ideas but that’s about it for now. You never know though. I absolutely love my couples. There could be more in store for them. I’ve had some people ask for a prequel to the series about how everything began so I’ve been tossing that idea around too. Thanx for being a fan!

  5. Hi wondering when Belle and Dad’s story is coming out? At the end of Cinder the few it said fall this year – have I missed it?

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