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Hi and Thank you for your interest in joining “The Bitten”

So, what is a Street Team?

A Street Team is a group of fans who help promote an author they love.

So Who are the Bitten and Why do you want to be Bitten?

Well, I love nothing more than a book with a good Bite! Whether it be Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Urban Fantasy or Steampunk. Werewolves, Shifter Tigers, Vampires, Zombies, Dragons, Aliens or anything else, where there is Love, Passion and a Bite, That’s where I am!

A Bitten is someone who loves those things too, and especially the Books that I create with a Bite of its own. A Bitten member is someone who loves to read, loves to talk about the books they read and loves to review and share books with other people.

Now, Don’t get me wrong! Being a Bitten Member isn’t all work, work, work. It’s fun, fun, fun! So, here’s what YOU get as a Bitten Member!

  • Advanced notice of sales and promos
  • You will be able to enter contests to help name Characters, Book Covers and Titles. Being give special acknowledgments in my books.
  • As a member of The Bitten, if you are an author and have a release you will be given a special spot on my blog to highlight it or my newsletter. Sorry no Menage, LGTBQ, no Erotica.
  • Exclusive content. Whether it be a character interview, or cut scene, teasers or other things.
  • A special button to put on your website telling everyone that YOU have been Bitten!
  • I’ll post a few Tweets or Facebook posts in the group. I’d love it if you’d share. When you post a review, share it! You can pick what you want to post and ideally it would be great if you’d share something weekly. You don’t have to share everything. I know how annoying that can get. But after all, this is a Street Team so I’ll need you to hit the streets. No. Put the fishnets away, not in that way! Pimping, no prostituting.
  • Lastly. Do you have a friend who’d love to Bitten? Send them my way!

Awesome! I want to be Bitten! Really? You do? Awesome!

I want to be Bitten!



Now if you are a SUPER READER!

If you want MORE Bites of Rebekah, you may want to also consider applying for Rebekah’s Reader and Reviewer group as well. Rebekah’s Secret Reader and Reviewer Book Group is awesome and fun too, BUT – you have to do a little work. Well, not work really, fun – you have to have a little fun. You have to Read and Review. You can join The Bitten above first if you aren’t sure.

Now don’t trip over your feet trying to get to the sign up form until I tell you the few wee things that are expected. 

  • I will put out a call for reviews on certain books, whether it be back stock or a new release. If you sign up to review the book you will have two weeks to read and review it. If you don’t, you get a strike. If you don’t do it twice, you will unfortunately be out. This is a serious reviewers only group. These calls will go out once a month.
  • Now, for your effort on my behalf, you as a Special Reader and Reviewer Member will be given Free Books, Free Swag, Contests and Gift Cards! What could a reader want more?
  • If you read and review that month you will be entered to win a Monthly Gift Card and swag giveaway. Great for buying more books!
  • Reader will recieve ARC copies at least a couple of weeks before they go on sale and are available to anyone else. And you don’t have to pay a dime. All you have to do is promise to review them!
  • Read and review – I send one book at a time and when you’ve reviewed it on Amazon, BN and Goodreads, feel free to request another.
  • Because I have so many books releasing this year, I will be doing lots of promotion. Therefore, I will ask you to do for me what I’ve done for you. Share!

Soooooo…. how do I sign up for the Reader and Reviewer Team?

Oh, I thought you’d never ask!

All you have to do is


 Rebekah R. Ganiere – Books With A Bite


  1. Just finished your book Red the Were Hunter, LOVED it

  2. I would like to join because I loved Red the Were Hunter and can’t wait for more

  3. Thank for let me join the street team


  5. Thank you for the bite it is great team I love it

  6. i look forward to helping out reading any new books and giving an honest review. thanks for accepting me. oh and free swag is always nice to.

  7. I love these books and I am a quick reader and I would love the chance to read and review these books.

  8. Sherill Posner

    I would love to do ARC’s for you—

  9. Would love to get bitten and read your books!

  10. I always do reviews so I would love to be a part of this

  11. Yeah I want to be bitten so I can get a taste of your books..

  12. Would love to be bitten

  13. Thanx for your interest. All you have to do is fill out the form from the link above 🙂

  14. Would love to be bitten!

  15. Finished reading and writing my review for “Kissed by the Reaper” but I have no idea where to leave the review? I wasn’t able to on Amazon, so where do I?
    Oh, bye the bye Loved it.

  16. I think I have already been Bitten and am apart of Street Team. And I am part of ARC also. So I can cover any needs you have 🙂

  17. Rickie Altergott

    So love to be nibbled on until the final bite. Glad to be a part of the Street Team.

  18. Cynthia Gutzwiller

    I look forward to reading your books. As you can tell by my email, I love shifter and all type of perennial there is from eagle to rat and all in between. I would love to be bitten and read any of your books, I’m game to read any type of paranormal romance there is. I look forward to being bitten by your books.

  19. Is it too late to get Bitten? I see this was from last year! I haven’t read your books yet, but they sound awesome!

  20. Looking forward to reading and reviewing more of your books. I am flying throgh your wonderful version of Little Red Riding Hood, which was superb! There is nothing better, in my opinion, than characters who love and breathe — which you have created from the leads to the minors…dialogue was sparkling a d filled with voice! Well done. I can’t wait to finish and write my review. Please consider me for your street team!

  21. So glad I found this site !! Love your books !!

  22. I truly am so so excited to be a part of your Street team. I’m honestly excited to read any and all of your books. Thank you so much for the chance!

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