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Rebekah is an award winning best selling author. Her debut novel Dead Awakenings, in January 2014 hit Amazon’s Best Seller List the first day. Rebekah released seven books. With three more releasing Fall of 2015

Rebekah is the VP of Communications of the Romance Writers of America, Los Angeles Chapter, as well as a member of Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter. In her spare time when she isn’t writing you can find her moderating or teaching about Fantasy Romance, on SavvyAuthors.com, Comic Cons, LTUE, RT and AAD conventions.

She began writing as a child, with poetry and moved on to short stories in High School.  In her first year of college she began her first novel, but never finished it.  Several years later she wrote a handful of children’s books and began her second novel in 2008.  By 2009 she had finished two more novels.

Rebekah has spent the last four years writing a dozen books as well as plotting out two dozen more.  Currently Rebekah is working on her Fairelle Series as well as finishing up two of her trilogies. The Society, with Kensington Lyrical and her Dead Awakenings – Zombie Romance Series.

Random Facts:

Favorite Color: Red, but not any red, a deep crimson red
Favorite Place: Disneyland.  I know kind of cliché but seriously, I would live there if I could.  All of the imagination and creativity that flows from that place is contagious.
Favorite Food: Sushi and Frozen yogurt, but not together.
Dream Vacation: Italy. I have always wanted to see Italy.  It’s so romantic and there are so many amazing historical places to visit.  Ireland is a close second on the list.
Favorite Thing to Buy: Shoes.  And not just any shoes.  I have a very specific style.  I love Demonia and Iron Fist.  Gothic, Rockabily, and Punk. I’m also very partial to Cosplay costumes and Corsets 🙂
Favorite Holiday: Halloween.  I go all out.  I love to go all out.  And as a mom of 4 young kids, I love Halloween because I feel like for one day I can dress the way I would love to and not be judged.  Usually as Barris Offee, Bellatrix Lastrange, Steampunk, or a pirate. Complete with leather and weapons.
Favorite Movies: Moulin Rouge and Underworld.  Hence the reason I love paranormal romance. Also Star Wars (the original three) Lord of the Rings and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Feel free to email Rebekah at:
VampWereZombie at gmail. com



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