Dead Awakenings – Death Is Just The Beginning

How over used is that phrase?  “Death is just the beginning”  Very, overused IMO.  However, it does seem to fit my book Dead Awakenings pretty well.  I am currently over half way through the fifth draft and I am hoping to get to page 300 today in the edit.

I am also gearing up to take my first chapter to my writers group on Thursday.  That alone is nerve wracking!  I am not yet nervous about it, but give it a day.  By tomorrow I will be a slobbering pile of drool on the floor kicking and screaming and loudly questioning my husband as to why he thought me going to a writers group was such a great idea.

He is correct though, it is a good thing to do.  To get others opinions on my work and what is good and what is mind numbingly stupid.  Hopefully, since it is the fifth draft there won’t be too much of the latter.

I am currently working on the synopsis for the back of the book jacket for my book Dead Awakenings.  If I am lucky, I will get that done today as well.  However, all of this sitting and writing is giving me sore wrists, so I am off to relax and enjoy a swim before beginning.

My Never Ending Story – A Rewriting Tale

I am hoping that the fact that my brain is tired of reading my book Dead Awakening, and my eyes burn from scanning for grammatical errors, means that I am close to finishing with my editing.  But I am terrified that it is just my brain and eyes resigning themselves to the fact that they are closer to the starting line, than the finish line.

I am currently working on revision number five and number six simultaneously.  I know, I know, that sounds completely improbable and totally insane, but if I don’t do it this way, I may never finish draft six.

So draft five is for minor grammatical problems, plot problems, character development and all other small fixes.  Where as the sixth revision is for strictly grammatical fine tuning.  The sixth revision is  so tedious, especially since I am going chapter by chapter and we working, that I have to have some fun along the way.  So on draft five, I am currently half way through the book, and on the sixth, I have just finished chapter three.

I feel like I am right now stuck in the never ending story.  But I know, that after these two drafts, I will be finally ready to bring in beta readers to help me with new sets of eyes.

So now I just need to fill up on twizzlers and crystal light to get through it.

Vampires & Werewolves & Zombies

So, why did I choose that title?  Because that is what I like to read and what I like to write about.  I have currently got three finished novels that are in various drafts of being edited.  A zombie book and two completely different vampire books.  I also have two books that I am halfway finished with one inspired by Lewis Carrol and the other a fantasy book on angels and demons.

Aside from my adult fiction I have also written five children’s picture books that I am currently looking for an illustrator for so I can publish those as well.  My five children’s books were inspired by my four beautiful children.

Soon I will be putting the first chapters of my three finished books on my blog here, so stay tuned.

There Once Was a Girl

There once was a girl, who loved to live in her own world.  In the beginning her world was made up of animals and unicorns, dragons and wizards.  But as the girl grew, soon her world was filled with people she’d never met, places she’d never been, and acceptance she rarely saw.  The girl eventually found her way back to dragons and wizards, paladins and rogues.  Those friends took her to new worlds, other than the ones she had created for herself, and allowed her to experience things beyond her imagination.

As the girl grew into a woman she found solace and love, adventure and great horrors in the worlds of others.  Then one day, when she wasn’t looking for it, she found her world again, only this time, her world was filled with Vampires and Werewolves and Zombies.  Angels and Demons, Steampunk and Fantasy.  And from the moment she rediscovered her own  world, she began to create anew.  All the stories that flew around in her head.  Old friends and new.  Villains and heroes.  Strong independent women, and even stronger protective males.


This is the world in my head, and this is my blog with which to share it in.  Welcome!  And thank you for stopping by.