First Two Fairelle on Sale One Week Only!

Hey Everyone! It’s been a while, both on my blog as well as on my newsletter and I feel like I’ve abandoned you 🙁 I am sorry to those of you that have waited for my next book! I’ve had so much going on! Between writing screenplays and turning a few of my book series into TV series to my son’s auditions, to having to move and all of my conventions in between! WHEW! I have been so busy! And because of that I’ve not posted as much as I’d like. So I decided to make it up to you I’d do a sale!!

The first book in my Fairelle series Red the Were Hunter is FREE for one week! 

What if you were the key to an ancient prophecy that would begin to heal your lands, but fulfilling your destiny meant you had to turn your back on everything you’d been taught to believe in?

Redlynn of Volkzene, a member of the Sisterhood of Red, is heartbroken to discover another girl kidnapped and her best friend slain by werewolves. Defying the head of her order, she sets out to kill the beast she believes responsible.  The King of the Weres– But there are worse things in WolvenglenForest than the wolves.

Adrian, reluctant heir to the throne of Wolvenglen, and his band of wolf brothers are bound to protect the humans; especially the Sisterhood. Finding Redlynn unconscious in his woods, awakens in him a passion he’s never before experienced and a protective instinct that has him ready to turn on his own men. Problem is, a female is the last thing Adrian needs complicating his life.

But all is not as it seems in Wolvenglen Forest and to save the missing girls before time runs out, Redlynn and Adrian must move past their inner demons and learn to trust each other. In the search for vengeance, however, sometimes you have to sacrifice what you desire most.



And the second book Snow the Vampire Slayer is ONLY .99 for one week!

Lady Snow Gwyn is tired of playing “mother” to her seven Vampire Slaying brothers. For the past two years, she’s yearned to be out there fighting at their side as they hunt for bloodsuckers in the black of night. Snow is as good a fighter as any man, but she wasn’t called to be a Slayer. A mere formality in her book.

Prince Sageren, Son of Lothar has spent the last fifty years in exile, awaiting the day when he can finally avenge his family and take back his throne. Barely existing, he’s forced to face his inner demons and the monster he once was, compelling him to vow to never drink from humans again. A simple enough task–until he crosses paths with a human who makes his fangs ache to drain her.

When Snow runs into Prince Sage on a late night trip to the woods, she’s torn between the urge to kill him and the desire to succumb to the feeling he stirs within her. And when Snow’s life is threatened by the same evil that murdered his family, Prince Sage must enlist the aid of Snow’s brothers to not only help him save her life, but to also regain his rightful place as King of the Vampires.

If Sage can keep the Slayers from killing him first.

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I hope you all enjoy the books! And if you do remember to leave a review on your favorite retailer!! Have a great weekend and be sure to share the links on your social media and your friends!

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Writing to market – a genre that doesn’t fail!

So many times we hear, “I write to market” or the opposing view “Write your heart”. But what if you could do both? There is a market that never goes out of favor. It has people buying all year long, year after year after year and they buy it by the millions. If you could tap into that market and you could write it on your own schedule, wouldn’t you want to? Heck yeah! And that’s why you need to be writing Holiday Romances!

Holiday Romance is a booming genre. From Christmas and Thanksgiving to Valentines Day and Halloween people love the feel of a Holiday Romance. They love to live it and devour it over and over and over. And Holiday Romances can be written in any genre.

Love contemporary? Maybe a contemporary Valentines Romance might be right for you. Are you devoted to paranormal? Christmas with a pack full of shifters could be your cup of tea. Historical? A witch historical Samhain story could really set you apart. No matter your genre Holiday Romances sell.

The beauty of writing a Holiday Romance is that you can write them anytime you can fit them in and if it doesn’t work in your schedule to publish it this year, the market will still be there next year. Holiday Romances are not going to go out of style. So you don’t have to worry about writing something and then having to sit on it for another seven years until the market comes back around.

While I personally write what I love and not to market- because honestly, I’ve missed every trend in the last 3 years by a matter of months – I love to write holiday romances because I write them when I want and release them when I want. They are the ultimate mashup of both worlds, writing to market and writing what you love. Are there other genres you can do that in? Sure, but not many. Because honestly by the time you find out what is hot- and you write something for it- if you are going traditional and you submit the houses are full of a thousand other books being submitted in the same genre. Or if you self-publish the market has been saturated by everyone else trying to get on the bandwagon as well. But with Holiday Romances you never have to worry about that.

So, where do you start? What components do you need? How do you make sure you are giving the readers what they are looking for? When do publishers send out calls for anthologies? All of these points will be discussed in my upcoming class for the FF&P chapter. It starts on May 15th and is called Romancing the Holidays. You can find the link to register HERE!

So come join me to find out more about this amazing genre and how you can make money all year long and have fun writing what you want, when you want, without the worry of whether you’ve missed the market or not.


Rebekah is an Award Winning Bestselling Author and Screenwriter. Her debut novel Dead Awakenings, hit the bestseller list on release day. Her Fairelle Series, released in 2014 and has won several awards in both writing and screenwriting, including the Golden Palm and a finalist for Rone Award as well as Best Fantasy Series of 2014 from the Paranormal Romance Guild. Her trilogy The Society was released by Kensington and her new series Shifter Rising is released in 2016. Rebekah is a prolific author releasing upwards of five books a year and is currently working on six different series.

Rebekah is the President Elect of the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA as well as a member of several local and online chapters. In her spare time when she isn’t writing, you can find her teaching on or at RWA. Rebekah is also known for her elaborate cosplays with her family and has been a guest speaker and panelist at San Diego Comic Con, Wondercon, Salt Lake Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, Comikaze and several other Comic Cons on the west coast as well as LTUE, Romantic Times Convention, RWA, InD’Scribe, Genre LA and Authors After Dark.

8 Key Female Archetypes to Consider for Your Novel


I found two awesome articles about Archetypes on C.S. Lakin’s blog and with her permission am sharing them for all you lovely people to see! Thank you so much C.S. for your insight and great resource! Here is the second article!

8 Key Female Archetypes to Consider for Your Novel

Last week we took a look at a number of diverse male archetypes that might inspire the characters in your fiction. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the female archetypes.

Archetypes can spark great ideas for characters because they are classic “types.” While one character might wear a particular archetypal “mask” throughout a story, sometimes characters will switch masks, depending on the situation and relationship involved.

You may think that fashioning a character to match all the qualities of a particular archetype might be like stereotyping, but that’s not necessarily so.  Within a “type,” there is room for much originality in personality and traits.

The idea here, when borrowing archetypal characteristics, is to look at the purpose as it relates to your premise, protagonist’s goal, and themes of your story.

We want to populate our novels with a diverse cast of characters, all of whom have a specific—purposeful—role to play. It may feel like generalization to turn an ally character into a Magi or Mentor archetype, but try to look at the markers of these types and see who might embody them and when and why and how.

I mentioned in a prior post that as I fleshed out my idea for my new novel that I just released, Colorado Dream, I’d already worked out who my hero and heroine already were—what personalities they’d have and what things were important to them.

After I’d done that important work (so that my characters would be just right for my premise), I researched archetypes to see just which ones might fit best. All in order to get deeper insights and spark plot and conflict ideas.

I found that my hero, Brett Hendricks was a perfect representation of The Protector (described in last week’s post). And it wasn’t hard to come up with the best archetype for my heroine, Angela, an aspiring musician.

Just knowing music was the center of her life made it easy to link her to the Mystic, who has a rich internal world, is extremely sensitive, and can feel the emotions of others.

The Mystic fears not having a place in the world, doesn’t want to depend on others, and covets her privacy and solitude. She needs to connect with something greater than herself.

Choosing this archetype for Angela promised much conflict, for Brett, as a Protector, would clash in many ways with his focus on his physicality, heedless to danger, and lack of creativity.

The challenge for me (as always, and one I love) was to find common ground between two seemingly unalike characters. When it comes to writing romance, to me, the trick is to make the hero and heroine as different as possible in many ways, but find common ground. Usually this is tied in with past trauma, and the big “fear” each has, as well as core need, is the same.

With my characters, both have abusive, domineering fathers. They both know what it’s like to yearn for parental love and instead get a slap instead of encouragement. They are both passionate about their gifts, and they see and respect the passion they see in the other.

So I hope you’re starting to whirl with ideas for your characters as you read these posts on archetypes. Let’s now take a look at the 8 key female archetypes.

8 Female Archetypes

1) The Seducer (Aphrodite): She cares about men, but loves being in control. This type rarely has true female friends. Women are competition. She is all about her body and appearance. She fears losing her beauty, being passed over. She is motivated by wanting to experience life sensually, to the full. She isn’t always “bad.” She can embody the powerful attractive woman who is seeking true love, but an extreme of this archetype can be a very vicious, backstabbing, manipulative woman.

2) The Amazon (Artemis): This type is the outdoors gal. She, in contrast to the Seducer, loves the company of her female friends. She is supportive of women and children, sometimes a feminist, one who stands up for causes, likes being self-sufficient. In extreme, this type can be headstrong, pushy, want instant gratification with no regard for others’ needs. She might be reckless, easily enraged, stubborn, or boastful.

3) The Father’s Daughter (Athena): This woman aligns herself with powerful men and supports them. She yearns for male approval and wants to be accepted into their circle. She values work, dresses professionally, is smart, but often can’t see or accept her female side (which she might consider weakness). She fears loss of control and might feel trapped in relationships. In extreme, she’s wholly self-centered, caring only about her needs and advancement, and because of that might lie, cheat, or destroy another to get to her goal.

4) The Nurturer (Demeter): As the name implies, she’s all about caring about others, often to her own detriment. She might work for children, charities, rarely considering her own needs. She’s a good listener and is generous. She fears losing those she cares for, and she just wants to be loved and have a sense of belonging. In extreme, this type might be passive-aggressive, angrily codependent, manipulative to appear unselfish and nurturing. The over-controlling mother.

5) The Matriarch (Hera): Being a wife is her life, and everything she does is to please her husband and family. Family is everything. She might be highly controlling of her “empire,” and enjoys entertaining to a fault. He biggest fear is losing her husband or children, or losing their love. She fears being alone in the world, being abandoned. In the extreme, this character type might become suicidal, threatening, paranoid, doing everything to save face—even destroy her family—in order to keep up appearances.

6) The Mystic (Hestia): The Mystic likes to be alone, and often doesn’t want to marry or have a family. She is very sensitive, creative, and fears constriction on her freedom and creativity. She longs to connect with something greater than herself. She is spiritual and fears not having time to be alone and pursue her creativity. She’s motivated by a need for balance and order in her life, and she’s sensitive to the plight of others, but she tends to live in a dream world. In the extreme, she is a loner or sociopath, is socially inept, afraid to take risks or make friends, feels so inadequate that she tries to please everyone around her.

7) The Female Messiah (Isis): This type of character is concerned about the plight of women and all living things. She wants to help others grow spiritually, find their path, be healed in body and soul. She fears being persecuted or misunderstood. She’s motivated by a sense of purpose, and in extreme, she’s dogmatic and unbendable, heartless at times, pushes others and punishes them.

8) The Maiden (Persephone): This type of woman cares about fun, not worrying about daily affairs. She feels carefree and invulnerable to trouble, and her self-confidence rubs off on others. She’s the party girl, regardless of her age, and hasn’t grown up. But she can have a big heart and helps others. She’s your BFF that stands by your side. She likes to meet new people and she takes care of her mother. She fears being trapped in a job or relationship, and she doesn’t want to appear naïve. She’s motivated by a need for safety and being different, and in the extreme, she might oppose authority (rebellious teen), get depressed, act out with bad behavior, and can’t seem to love anyone.

A Seducer might charm people to get her way. She might be a cool, calculating nemesis or a siren who entices.

The Amazon might be your boss, someone trying to climb the ladder, a confident and dynamic woman who seems to take charge and achieves big goals.

The Father’s Daughter might be a fun, loyal friend, team player, the one who sticks by your side and tells everyone else where they can go. She might be the girl next door or a coworker.

The Nurturer is ever the optimistic, telling you that you can do it. She might be the trend-setter, impulsive (let’s stop moping and go shopping!), and is often funny.

The Matriarch, controlled and clever, is analytical, detail-oriented, and often rigid in her manner and beliefs. She can be a know-it-all or a bookworm, a perfectionist that can drive you crazy.

The Mystic is sensitive and gentle. She might be that quiet, trusting, encouraging friend or someone who is just plain innocent and naïve.

The Female Messiah fights for your cause, meets her commitments. She is the stubborn sister or friend who is determined, quick-tempered, and says it like it is. She will tell you what you need to do in no uncertain terms.

The Maiden is the woman who brings peace and calm to a crazy situation. She is all about making peace, helping others get along. She inspires by her example of being capable, optimistic, and selfless. She might be a caregiver or a teacher.

Do any of these types sound like your characters? Can you find a place in your novel for a few of these female archetypes to make your story richer and push your conflict higher? Which type do you especially like?

Review of Must See Movies for 2016


2016 is going to be an epic year for movies!!! Or so I thought!

So for the last couple of years I’ve put out a list of movies I thought would be awesome for the following year. Yet I rarely review them afterward. So I am now. You’re welcome. I know that some of my views will not be popular, but hey, they’re mine and that’s all I can say. So I thought 2016 would be a banner year for amazing movies. I was super excited! And mostly disappointed. So, here goes. My reviews of the movies I most anticipated in 2016. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD! You’ve been warned!!!

20. Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur


This movie didn’t actualy release so I can’t yet give it a review. At least I think it hasn’t released!

19. Rogue One – A Star Wars Story


Sigh… Rogue One! What a let down. I am a Huge Star Wars fan! People who know me, know that! But this movie… ugh… There was no character depth. No backstory. No setup. Nothing. The only ones I cared about were the robot and two of the secondary characters. And they all died! All of them! No one made it out! That’s just not cool. And very boring. There was none of the magic the original Star Wars movies had. No Jedi. No Lightsabers. No witty banter. It just all fell flat 🙁 So sad.

18. Deadpool


I have to say in all honesty, I didn’t watch it. Why? Because my husband and kids did and even my kids who are HUGE Deadpool fans said the movie sucked. So… I didn’t see it. Too bad.

17. Assassin’s Creed


I was super excited for this movie! I went to see it and Bam! I spent the first half of the movie asking what the freak was going on! Seriously! I did not get it. Neither did my girls. Then, by the second half I was like, yeah I sort of get it. And by the end I was like, Okay the parkour and fight scenes were great, but I still don’t understand everything. I saw it a second time and it made a lot more sense but still there were things that were really vague. All in all, it was good. But they could have spent a bit more time helping those of us who haven’t played the game yet understand what the heck was going on!

16. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Tim Burton is one of my top 3 filmakers in Hollywood. However in the last 8 years or so his quality has been really iffy. So when I saw this was coming out I had high hopes, but didn’t hold my breath. And after having seen it I have to say, I liked it. I don’t think it’s Tim Burton’s Opus as others claimed. I still think Nightmare Before Christmas is the best movie he ever produced and Edward Scissorhands is a close second followed by Beetlejuice. But this was definetly a refreshing throw back to those older Tim Burton movies that I adored.

15. Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find them


I went into this movie with extremely low expectations, but Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander stole my heart. He was so sweet and so genuine that his performance was oscar worthy in my opinion. The plot was okay. The graphics were great but it was Eddie that really made the movie shine. I loved his entire performance and would watch it again just because of him. The plot was predictable at best and honestly the one thing that really ruined the whole movie for me was Johny Depp at the end. I really had hoped for someone else. Just about anyone else. I’m kind of over his stale performances.

14. Jason Bourne


I have to be honest, I have not yet seen this one. I need to get on that.

13. The Hateful Eight

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 1.42.55 PM

Again, I put off seeing this one. Not sure why. I just didn’t get around to it. I need to though.

12. Moana


Loved it! This was a beautifully done movie. Dwayne Johnson was funny as ever. The plot was great. The visuals, the laughs, all of it. I really loved this movie. Well done Disney. This was how I had hoped the movie Brave would be, but wasn’t. This did the Polynesian people proud.

11. Independence Day


I have to be honest, due to all the terrible reviews I could not bring myself to watch this. They were terrible, and apparently so was this movie. I just have no interest anymore.

10. Gambit


This one didn’t release but I still reserve the same thoughts I had before. Channing Tatum is no Gambit. I hope this one doesn’t suck.

9. Star Trek Beyond


This one was a let down. I loved the new character Jayla but other than that, it was the same old same old predictable plot for a Star Trek Movie. Which is sad because I have loved the last 2 they did. But this one fell short for me. From Spock and his girlfirend fighting to the villian being a Star Fleet Officer to everything. Just, predictable. I hate that.

8. BFG


Again, I didn’t see this one because the reviews weren’t good. I plan on seeing it because I loved this story as a child, but it was in and out of the theaters so fast I just didn’t get a chance.

7. The Jungle Book


Another movie that has great visuals but lacked everywhere else. There were things about it that they did that I really did not like, especially the ending when Mougli sets everything on fire. But it was great visually.

6. Batman vs. Superman


This movie got a lot of flack but I personally didn’t think it was terrible. I loved Wonder Woman. Didn’t understand the weird dream sequences and thought the fight scenes were good. I even liked the acting. Except for Jessie Eisenberg as Luther. I didn’t like him at all. I am fully on Superman’s side in this one, BTW. And thought Batman was a jerk, not unlike Tony Stark in Civil War. But all in all, though it’s not a movie I’m dying to watch again, I didn’t hate it.

5. X-men: Apocalypse


I soooooo wanted to love this movie! I LOVE X-Men. They are one, if not my most, favorite franchise. But this one fell short. The bad guys didn’t talk. They were killed off of defeated too quickly. Their storylines were vague at best. I just didn’t really care for this one. Sorry.

4. Dr. Strange


This was a great movie. Not an amazing movie, but a great movie. My favorite character was the cape. I had hoped for more though. I had hoped to see more magic in it and more magic graphics and training and learning but we didn’t. We got some, but not as much as I’d hoped. It was a good movie though and I’d watch it again.

3. Suicide Squad


Again, this was a movie that got a lot of bad reviews but I was pleasantly pleased with it. No, it is nothing like the graphic novels, but it was good. And as a romance author, I just loved the twisted Harley Quinn/Joker storyline. It was twisted and amazing. Jared Leto played the Joker like we’ve never seen him before and it was great and new and refreshing. I even liked Will Smith as Deadshot. I think a lot of the characters in the squad were under utilized, but hey, in a big squad not everyone can shine. Jsut ask Hawkeye and Black Widow.

2. Captain America: Civil War


Best Movie Of The Year!!! This movie rocked! I saw it 5 times in the theater. Yes, it is that good. Everything about it was awesome. The fight scenes. The banter. The fight scenes. Captain America and Bucky. The cameos. All of it. Black Panther and Spiderman stole the show. I didn’t expect to like Black Panther but he was so awesome! And Spiderman was he perfect blend of goofy kid and great hero. I loved this one. Loved it!

1. Warcraft


I waited 10 years for an amazing Warcraft movie… and I’m still waiting. On the surface this movie was pretty good. But not great and not amazing. All of the characters were flat. They had no backstory and nothing to really tie us to them. It was rushed and there was no build with the characters, again, so we couldn’t really root for them. I feel like there were so many storylines they could have gone with and so much content out there that it should have been amazing. They could have gone the LOTR or DragonLance route with it on a epic adventure showing you all of WoW. Or they could have done a war like they did but start out showing the lands and how the Orcs were dying off and then them being called and going through the portal and everything, but again, they cut that out and didn’t do it. There was just so much they could have done to make this a real story, and they relied on the visuals instead of the storyline to carry them through. I’m kind of tired of movies doing that. All visuals, no plot.

So what do you think? Did you see these movies? Let me know. And stay tuned for the new 2017 list this week of movies I’m excited for!

Rebekah R. Ganiere – Books with a Bite

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A Look at 8 Key Male Archetypes for Your Novel


I found two awesome articles about Archetypes on C.S. Lakin’s blog and with her permission am sharing them for all you lovely people to see! Thank you so much C.S. for your insight and great resource! Here is the first article!

A Look at 8 Key Male Archetypes for Your Novel

While we don’t want to create cookie-cutter stereotyped characters, learning about archetypes can be tremendously helpful in character development. We’ve been talking about archetypes over the last week, so if you’ve missed some of these posts, start with this one.

The idea here is to find a type and go from there. Archetypes are all about personality and motivation, and by bringing in some of the traditional, established characteristics of specific archetypes, you can craft believable characters.

As I’ve mentioned in many posts, your novel or play or short story needs a cast of characters, unless your plot is about one person alone in the world (or some world).

These characters play various roles, and while the basic roles are ally, enemy(nemesis or antagonist), and lover, there is much more to consider than these general descriptions.

Some look at Greek gods as archetypes that can be utilized in character development, and if you modernize the qualities of these gods, you can see how you might transfer those over to your novel.

8 Basic Types for Male Characters

Let’s take a look at eight male character types, and as you read through them, think of how these types might possibly fit into your story. Don’t just pick a type because it’s interesting. Every character needs to serve the interests of your plot.

1) The Protector (Ares): He is all about being physical, spontaneous, impulsive. He will act first and think later. He wants to win, and he’s fiercely protective. He fears being constricted, bored, having to use his mind over body. He’s motivated by survival, and the extreme of this character can be violent, yearning to fight, with a poor self-image and bad temper.

2) The Businessman (Apollo): He is entrenched in his career, planning his life, competing, success. He fears failure in the workplace and getting too intimate. He keeps his emotional distance, afraid of rejection. He’s motivated by a need to succeed and a drive to compete. The extreme of this character tends to feel betrayed, wants revenge, is viciously competitive, and uses people.

3) The Recluse (Hades): The name tells all. He wants to be left alone, shuns others. He’s afraid of crowds, his emotions, of spinning out of control. His motivation springs from his need to understand himself and his world. In extreme, this type of man is antisocial, psychotic, terrified of rejection, intimidating, and shuns all affectionate relationships.

4) The Fool (Hermes): This character is a free spirit, seeking freedom, reckless adventures, often an eternal child (Puer Aeternas). He can also be very positive in his childlike, accepting ways. He fears losing his freedom, getting bored, being committed to relationships or deals. His motivation stems from the need to know and the desire to try everything. The extreme of this character is seen in the con man, one who hates authority, is self-absorbed, disregards law and propriety, lacks empathy.

5) The Lady’s Man (Dionysus): He’s all about sex, romance, flirting, pleasure. Physical satiation above all else. He fears losing appeal, losing his youth and virility, and avoids commitment or feeling trapped. He’s motivated by a deep need for love and acceptance, or a drive to win or seek fleeting pleasures to give him a sense of fulfillment. The extreme of this character can be possessive, abusive, disloyal, explosive.

6) The Messiah (Osiris): The male face of this archetype is all about being male, the power of the male personality, and the male psyche. He is concerned with healing the soul more than the body. He fears failure of his quest or purpose, being misunderstood or not taken seriously. He’s motivated by his desire to help others, sacrifice himself for the greater good. He’s driven by great purpose or vision and willing to battle whoever stands in his way. The extreme of this character is harshly critical of others who oppose his views, overly passionate so that he breaks others’ spirits and egos. He feels he is always right and all should believe the way he believes, and those who don’t, he punishes.

7) The Artist (Poseidon): He cares about his creativity, expressing his emotions. He worries what others think of him and wants to be treated fairly. He tries to appear he’s in control and is strong, though he often suffers self-doubt. He’s motivated by a drive to be admired, to be important, to stand out from the crowd. The extreme of this character is deceitful, manipulative, playing games with people’s hearts, reckless and angry, without boundaries and easily enraged. He’ll also hold a grudge forever.

8) The King (Zeus): He rules his kingdom—those in his life. He longs to be admired and in charge, respected, even worshipped. He wants to be the best of the best and pushes himself to get there. He fears competition—that someone will rise above him—someone younger, faster, stronger. He’s motivated by a strong need for approval and recognition and power. The extreme of this character is domineering, arrogant, oppressive, harsh, and often humiliates others.

Taking the Types a Step Further

What could you do with a Protector type? I mentioned last week how my hero in my new novel, Colorado Dream, is a perfect protector. He’s a kind of bad boy, walking on the wild side. This type might be very charismatic, volatile.

A Businessman type could be a leader of a bank, an Army platoon, a think tank. He might be a workaholic. He might be the guy who makes great decisions, motivates others, takes on responsibility.

The Recluse could be a troubled coworker. Or a serial killer. He might be the outcast in a classroom, tormented, brooding. A great “red herring” character who all tend to blame.

The Fool could also be a strong, quiet good friend who advises. Who’s faithful and supportive, doesn’t cause waves and is unassertive. He could be Mr. Nice Guy or the listening ear at work.

The Lady’s Man is a charmer, smooth talker. He might get so lost in his fantasies, his “real life” is falling apart. Some other possible characteristics are his flair for drama, his enthusiasm, ability to manipulate.

The Messiah might be a knowledgeable professor or scientist that has the answers. He might be a computer nerd who is neurotic about getting all the answers. He can be amazingly creative but stubborn and inflexible. He could be picky, hating change or anything that disrupts his life.

The Artist is the guy in the room who adds the spark. He’s adventurous, fun-loving, craving excitement, and can be wholly unreliable and foolhardy. You see in him the daredevil or the explorer. He can spur on your protagonist to make a scary choice, or he can be an antagonist that leads your hero into trouble.

The King might be your hero, idealistic, a champion, acting with honor. Or he might be your heroine’s love interest or a character who noble ideals and principles inspires your hero. He might be the avenger of wrongs or the knight in shining armor.

Supporting Friends

Other archetypal roles can be found in The Magi (the voice of wisdom, the one who helps empower your hero), the Mentor (who freely offers good advice and wants to come alongside your hero), and the Best Friend or Lover.

Think about all the male characters, major and minor, you have in your novel. See how these various traits might enrich them and create conflict. You might need to add a few more characters in there, to create a wider palette of character dynamics.

What archetype intrigues you the most? Which one best fits your primary male character in your story, and which particular characteristic do you like in him? (And can you sing the Underdog theme?)

Top Ten Gifts for Book Lovers

Top Ten List for Book Lovers


I’ve done a lot of geeky posts lately for presents and this one I am being rather selfish on. This one is for people like me. Well, technically they are all for people like me, but this one is for writers and book lovers. What do you get the elusive bibliophile? Well, here are a few suggestions.

10. Book Wallets and Purses – There is nothing cooler than accessories made from books. Now I’ll be honest, it breaks my heart a little to know that precious pages and words were ripped out in the creation of these accesories, but I take a deep breath and I’m okay with it. Mostly. But I still find these totally cool!


9. Book Pillows – These are super cool. They are pillows. You can literally lay your head on Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter or Pride and Prejudice. It doesn’t get much better than that my geeky friends!


8. Book Journal – There is nothing as precious to me as my Star Wars journals that I use to jot down notes and ideas in for books. My Darth Vader one is completely full so I had to start using my Yoda one. Just about every writer I know has a journal of some kind that they carry with them to take notes in. And these are beautiful ones at that.


7. Bookmarks – There are all kinds of bookmarks out there, but none quite as creative and whimsical as these. Inspired by your favorite stories these bookmarks are a great gift. There are so many to choose from I don’t think I could ever decide on just one.

bookmark  bookmark2 bookmark3

6. Writing Scarf and Gloves – These are a lot of fun. The best and easiest way to wear your favorite parts of your favorite books in both a scarf and gloves. From Romeo and Juliet to Pride and Prejudice these are beautiful.

bookglovesjpg   bookscarf

5. Bookstore Candle – I think every book lover does what I do. They walk into a bookstore, stop, inhale and smile. It’s like going to heaven in a bookstore. My son, who is 8, even said he loves the smell and wishes he could bottle it! Well, according to this company, you can. I sure hope it’s true because it would be heaven to me!


4. Book Plates – What better way to show your love of books than with an entire setting of book plates? I would love to get these, but with the way my kids break things I’ll have to wait a few more years.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 10.40.19 PM

3. Mac Book Cover & Ipad Cover – These are a lot of fun as well as functional. And they may even keep your items from getting stolen. By people who don’t want amazing old books that is.

macbookcover ipadcover

2. Book Jewelry – Now I am sure there are people out there who don’t like jewelry, but I certainly don’t know any, and if they love jewelry and books you can’t go wrong with any of these items I found! They are simply amazing!



1. Gift Card – I know it sounds cliche and ridiculous, but the best thing you can give a book lover is a gift card to a bookstore. Barnes and Noble and Amazon are the best, but you can go local as well. Local used bookstores and independent bookstores are the way to go.


Okay so I looked EVERYWHERE for any ugly book sweater but couldn’t find one. I did however find an ugly Book T-shirt. So that’s what you get today. Sorry! If you find one, PLEASE send me the link!

So are you a bibliophile? What kind of gift would you want?

Rebekah R. Ganiere – Books with a Bite

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Top Ten Gifts for Supernatural Fans

Welcome to another day of Geek Gifts!


Supernatural may possibly be the most ingenious show ever put on television. Sure there have been a ton of great shows, but the mythology, the research and the creativity involved in this show has been amazing. And considering they have been going for 11 seasons now that’s quite a feat. Most shows the writing burns out about season five at the latest. But it’s still fun and gut wrenching and amazing. So for all your supernatural fans, here are my top 10 things you must have this season!

10. Sam & Dean Body Pillow – This is seriously what my daughter would want for Christmas, but I’d be afraid she’d fall in love with it and never leave her bed. What could be better than Sam and Dean in your bed?

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 7.16.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 7.16.53 PM

9. Supernatural Bracelets – Now I’m not saying I believe in Supernatural or anything, I’ll I’m saying is I’m one of those girls that would rather be safe than sorry. So wearing these bracelets can’t hurt right? I mean, you never know when you’re going to be possessed. The only thing missing from these is a vial of salt and holy water.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 7.18.43 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-29 at 7.18.51 PM

9. Castiel Shirt – One of the best quotes ever in the entirety of the show is on this shirt! Who doesn’t love Cas? Poor angel has been through a lot of crap for Sam and Dean. The true friend! This is a great shirt to show your support for the world’s best broken angel.

8. Books – Who doesn’t like books? The Men of Letters LOVED books! I would be in heaven in that bunker! So here are three books that look totally fun for any Supernatural Fan! Bobby’s Journal, John’s Journal and the Book of Monsters from Supernatural

7. Supernatural Clue – One of your favorite Supernatural characters has been possessed & is committing terrible deeds! Now is the time for you to become the hunter and attempt to discover – WHO is possessed WHAT mystical object was used to open the demon portal, and WHERE the portal was opened! Was it Sam with the Revolver in the Rocky Mountains? Or Dean on the West Coast with the Winchester Journal? How fun is that??

6. Supernatural T-shirt – Again, this is one of the best quote in the show! And I love this design as well. It has a bit of everything on it for the Supernatural fans!


5. Best Friend Necklaces – These are so cool. Do you have a best friend and you want a cool necklace to share? This is it. The only hard part is figuring out who is Moose and who is Squirrel!

4. Dean Scream – Okay I have to admit I’ve watched that scene of Supernatural about a thousand times and I laugh hysterically Every. Single. Time. One of the funniest moments on the show!


3. Chevy Impala – Who doesn’t love Baby? Baby is amazing and the poor old girl has been through hell and back with the boys! I mean she’s been stolen, wrecked, shot at, scratched and more. And my daughter is bound and determined to get a Baby of her own when she grows up. Now you can have you’re own Baby to show off as well 🙂 Just make sure to put her somewhere safe and treat her better than Moose and Squirrel do!


2. Nesting Dolls – I love nesting dolls. I have several sets and I think this is a great set for anyone who loves them. Sam, Dean, Cas and Baby are all included.


1. Jared Padalecki’s Sweatshirt and Charity – As many fans know Jared suffers from depression and has been very open about it. He started a campaign to help with the charity In To Write Love on Her Arms. To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. The best gift you can give to a Supernatural fan is this sweatshirt that part of the proceeds help to support groups like TWLOHA or to make a donation in their honor.


And here is our added extra. The dreaded Supernatural Christmas Sweater! I couldn’t actually find a sweater so here’s a Christmas Sweatshirt Sweater instead.



So those are my picks for Supernatural. What do you think? Do you like them? Would you pick something different? What would you pick?

Rebekah R. Ganiere – Books with a Bite

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Top Ten Gifts for Zombie Fans

Welcome to another top ten list of gifts for this holiday season!


Now I know we’re running short on time here so you better hurry up and order these if you haven’t already. In case my logo didn’t tell you, I love Vampires, Werewolves & Zombies. My first book Dead Awakenings is a zombie book. So here ya go. My top ten zombie gift ideas.

10. Zombie Mugs – A friend pinned this on my wall on Facebook. She knows how much I love zombies and tea and this is a great gift for anyone who loves both.

zombiemug zombiemug2

9. Zombie Pen and Card Holder – What’s better than a useful and practical zombie? Not much! So here ya go. He holds a pen. He holds business cards. He’s a paperweight. What more could you ask for?



8. Zombie Converse – These are so cool! They are mens sized but I bet she could make them for women or kids too. I see a lot of covered converse out there, but these are the best! I need them! I need them now – and I don’t even wear converse!



7. Zombie Hand Back Scratcher – Everyone needs a hand once and a while scratching that unreachable spot. And there are tons of zombies that no longer need their arms, so why not borrow one of theirs?


6. Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse – Are you worried what you might eat when microwaves and fast food die off? When all you have are berries and untainted game? Well this cookbook is a must have for anyone who wants to survive the zombie apocalypse.


5. Zombie Jerky & other edibles – Now, personally, I don’t know if I could work myself up to actually eating these slimy green strips of meat. I’m sorry but anything that is called zombie jerky and is green is pretty much off my plate. As well as zombie blood and skin.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.46.02 PM

4. Dead Awakenings – Okay so this is a shameless self-plug, but trust me, you’ve never read a zombie book like this before! Dead Awakenings was my first novel. Evaine Michaels enters an unsanctioned drug trial in an effort to pay some bills and wakes up with no memory of who she is or how she got there to find she’s become – A Deader! Trust me, the book cover may not be your favorite, but this Amazon Bestseller is one of my most popular books! And, it will make you rethink all those drug trials you see advertised on TV.

Dead Awakenings


3. The Walking Dead Legos – I’m sure you are wondering why there are Legos on every single gift guide list I make, and I’ll tell you why – Becuase Legos are awesome! We have over 120 lbs of Legos at my house. And since my son is a huge Walking Dead fan, he would get a total kick out of these minifigures. And so will you!


2. Zombie Workout Gear – This I think is so fun. They match the creepers above and the high heels I bought. I think would be great to get this set and wear it to the gym.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.59.32 PM

1. Zombie-Opoly – I loved Monopoly as a kid and Zombie-Opoly just takes it all to a whole new level of cool! What kid (or adult) wouldn’t want to play as the Severed Ear? Or Human Remnant?



And, as always, an Ugly Christmas Sweater to round out the list!

zombie sweater

So tell me, is there anything zombie that you would add to this list?

Rebekah R. Ganiere – Books with a Bite

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