Best Zombie Movies – Countdown to Halloween!

Okay! There have been a TON of zombie movies over the years. Some good, some bad, some terrible! But zombies are one creature that people are enamored with and keep being reinvented over and over and over. I love seeing new takes on zombies. It’s why I wrote my first book in 2014 Dead Awakenings! But since Dead Awakenings isn’t quite a movie or TV show yet, I’ll have to settle with showing you some of my other favorites.

Zombieland was hilarious and fun and made me want twinkies for the first time in thirty years. Woody Harrelson has really come into his own as an actor and Jesse Eisenberg seems to be so typecast for this role it’s perfect. The characters, actors, plot and graphics were all great. The cameo of Bill Murray was fun as well. I heard a rumor that they might make another one. I hope they do and that it’s just as great as the first because I really loved it.


I really liked 28 Days Later. I thought that was a great zombie movie too. It was at the forefront of zombie movies. It’s gritty, dirty, and pretty much how I see it going when zombies show up! The way is was shot was uniquely and the violence and dehumanizing of people is pretty much how I see society disintegrating when the time comes. It was scary how real it was.

I also really liked Shawn of the Dead. It was quite hilarious. And I think one of the stupidest, silliest, cult classic zombie movies of all times. I watched it once by myself and laughed so hard that I turned around and showed it to my husband– he wasn’t as impressed.

I am Legend. A movie that deserves an honorable mention. It was decent. Not great, like a bunch of other zombie movies, but it was worth watching.

Warm Bodies…I know people loved this one, but I was not too much of a fan.  I went with it, thought it was funny, until…the end. I know, I know, love conquers all. But let’s be real. Give me a reason. A good scientific reason why he all of a sudden is human again. I didn’t buy it. I just didn’t. I bought everything up until the part where he turned pink.  But I loved his sidekick! He was hilarious!

Land of the Dead was pretty good. It helped give me an idea for a book. It has Simon Baker in it, which is cool And- SPOILER ALERT!! – in the end the zombies evolve, which was a great twist.

Resident Evil. What a franchise! I think I have seen the first one a dozen times! I love Alice and hope that when the zombie apocalypse finally happens, I am Alice. I will probably not be. I’ll probably be more like Jessie Eisenberg from Zombieland. But I still think this kick butt, female-driven franchise is a great one. Even if the stories are stand alones and not consistent. Even though some of the movies make no sense. And even though some of the graphics are really bad – Yes I’m looking at you zombie dogs And Iain Glen!

Lastly, a great, fun and totally awesome Zombie movie is Corpse Bride. LOVE it! Tim Burton does it again with that one. From the crazy out of proportion parents, who epitomize the reigning society, to the eyeball losing, worm infested corpse bride, it sure was fun. I loved the twist in the end as well. I thought that was great. And the collection of voices for the movie, including, Tracy Ullman, Albert Finney, and Christopher Lee, are a real treat. We don’t get to hear from them enough! So, watch Corpse Bride! Because it is fun for the whole family.

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