Top Ten Gifts for Trekkies

Welcome once again to my Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks!


I just Love Christmas and I love being able to look for all the cool nerdy, fan-tasitic gifts I wish I had been given growing up. Luckily, geekery is more of the norm now and so it’s a lot easier to find super cool gifts for all the nerdy fans in your life. So this fandom is a new one for me this year, but one I love nonetheless! Star Trek!

10. Star Trek Garden Gnomes – Thinkgeek has some of the funniest trekkie garden gnomes right now. They have several sets and they are seriously fun. They’d be great for anyone who loves Star Trek!


9. Spock Socks – Now I have to admit, these are goofy. But there’s just something so fun about wearing Spock on your feet. I’m not sure he would see the humor in it, but I think these are hysterical!


8. Captain Chair Pet Bed – Now, I have to be honest. I think this is so funny I might consider just getting one of these for myself. I mean, seriously. Why do they not have these for humans??


7. Enterprise Legos – Who doesn’t love legos? Even when I set on them in the middle of the night, I still love legos. I have since I was a girl. So this Star Trek lego set looks awesome! I mean, just look at the faces on the crew? Epic!


6. Star Trek 3D Chess set – now, I’m not a chess player, but just look at this thing? It’s too cool not to have in your house! Spock used to play it all the time. Just be glad he isn’t your opponent when playing!


5. Messenger Bags – I love bags. I’m a sucker for shoes and bags. So these bags really stood out to me. I love the original Star Trek ones but I love the Klingon bag even more! I could totally see myself as a badass Klingon warrior with this bag!!




4. Eau de Toilette – I couldn’t resist putting these on the list! Pon Farr and Sulu fragrances for men and women. Now, I’m not saying they smell good. I’m pretty sure they don’t, but who doesn’t want to smell like George Takei?


3. Spock Monkey – Okay I realize there are a few Spock items on this list, but I thought the Spock Monkey was too cute to just to pass up! Live long and prosper, my friends!


2. Tie clip and Cuff Links – My husband loves shirts that use cuff links. I’ve bought him cuff links in every superhero and fandom I can find and these are no exception. They look awesome and really help you to solidify your stance on your favorite fandom!


1. Universal Phaser Remote – Who hasn’t wanted to stun their TV every once and a while? I mean, did you see the ending of Lost? Who didn’t want to phaze their TV while they yelled at it? Now you can, with this Universal Phaser Remote!


Lastly, the list would not be complete without an Ugly Star Trek Sweater! But when I looked for an ugly Star Trek sweater I found this photo and I just could not pass it up! Merry Christmas and Live Long and Prosper!!!




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