Raine is a Fae with no magic. An utter disappointment she is disowned by her parents and sent to the Earth Realm to live.

After arriving Raine tried to create a life for herself as a Mundane. But try as she might, Otherworlders flock to her for help; while snickering about her behind her back. Raine helps Otherworlders with their problems. From Kris Kringle’s missing son to Cupid’s dating service gone haywire, Raine is the only woman for the job. Along side her sometimes trusty dragon Samael Havoc Lord of Chaos and her sexy Tiger Shifter Boyfriend Jordan, Raine does what she can to help Otherworlders of every shape and size solve their problems.

All the while trying to forget her own problems.

Saving Christmas                                Cupid’s Curse – Feb. 2016          Otherworlder Novellas I & II in Print
Saving Christmas          Cupid's Curse           Otherworlder

Haunting Halloween – Oct. 2017



Rebekah R. Ganiere – Books With A Bite

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